How to Register a Café Trademark in Vietnam?

Are you planning to open a café in Vietnam but unsure about the procedures to register a café trademark in Vietnam?

How to Register a Café Trademark in Vietnam?

Trademark Search for Cafés in Vietnam

You might be wondering if the name of your planned café is already registered or similar to any existing trademarks. In this case, you need to conduct a trademark search to avoid wasting time, money, and effort on your investment.

  • Group 30: If you produce coffee products and use your logo trademark on the packaging, search under Group 30 according to the Nice Classification.
  • Group 35: If you distribute coffee products from other organizations or individuals, search under Group 35.
  • Group 43: If you run a café (with seating, service, or take away), search under Group 43.

Regulations for Café Trademark Registration in Vietnam

To register a café trademark, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Two Trademark Registration Forms.
  • Seven Trademark Logo Samples (two pasted on the application form and five additional samples).
  • List of Goods/Services Accompanying the Trademark (according to the latest Nice Classification at the time of registration).
  • Power of Attorney (if registering the trademark through an industrial property representative organization).

The applicant submits the trademark registration dossier directly at the headquarters of the Intellectual Property Office in Hanoi or its offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Alternatively, the application can be submitted by post or online.

Trademark Registration Timeline for Cafés in Vietnam

The trademark registration process involves the following stages:

1/ Formal Examination of the Trademark Application: 2-3 months.

2/ Publication of the Trademark Application: 2-3 months. If the application is valid, it will be published in the industrial property gazette.

3/ Substantive Examination of the Trademark Application: 12-18 months. Based on the examination results, the Intellectual Property Office will issue a notice of the intention to grant a protection title or a notice of refusal.

  • If the Intellectual Property Office intends to grant a protection title, the applicant must pay the registration fee within three months from the date of the notice. Failure to pay the fee within this period will result in a notice of refusal.
  • If the Intellectual Property Office intends to refuse registration, the applicant can submit a written response to the Intellectual Property Office for reconsideration.

4/ Issuance of the Trademark Registration Certificate.

Trademark Registration Fee for Cafés in Vietnam

The registration fee for a café trademark is 3 million VND for Group 43 (including up to 6 services/group), covering:

  • Consultation on the trademark registration procedure.
  • Assistance with the trademark search for the café.
  • Preparation and submission of the café trademark registration application.
  • Monitoring and reporting the results to the client.

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