Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Documentation and procedures for three-dimensional trademark registration in Vietnam according to the latest regulations.

Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration in Vietnam

What is a Three-Dimensional Trademark?

A three-dimensional (3D) trademark is a type of trademark that uses the three-dimensional shape of a product or product packaging as a brand-identifying feature instead of relying solely on traditional images, words, symbols, or colors. This type of trademark includes special shapes, structures, or textures of a product through which consumers can recognize and differentiate the product from others in the market.

Documentation for Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Documentation for three-dimensional trademark registration in Vietnam must comply with specific regulations and include the following documents:

  • Trademark registration application: Must be filled out according to the regulations of the Intellectual Property Office, including basic information about the applicant and the three-dimensional trademark to be protected.
  • Detailed description of the trademark: Must specifically describe the three-dimensional shape, including dimensions, shape, color (if any), and any other distinctive features that help identify the product in the market.
  • Images of the trademark: Provide high-quality images from various angles to clearly and fully show the three-dimensional features of the trademark.
  • List of products/services: List the products or services to which the trademark will be applied, classified according to the International Nice Classification.
  • Information about the applicant: Includes the name and address of the applicant. If the applicant is an organization, provide the name, address, and representative of that organization.
  • Authorization letter for the representing organization (if any): If registering the three-dimensional trademark through an industrial property representative, a valid authorization letter must be submitted.
  • Registration fee: Must pay the trademark registration fee as regulated by the Intellectual Property Office.

Procedure for Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration in Vietnam

The procedure for three-dimensional trademark registration in Vietnam includes the following basic steps:

Ensure your three-dimensional trademark can distinguish your product/service from others. Conduct a preliminary search to check whether a similar or identical three-dimensional trademark has already been registered.

2/ Prepare and Submit the Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration Application:

Submit the application at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office. The application can be submitted directly at the office or via postal service.

3/ Formality Examination:

The Intellectual Property Office will review the application for formal compliance to ensure all necessary information and documents have been fully and correctly provided.

4/ Publication of the Three-Dimensional Trademark Application:

If the application meets formality requirements, it will be published in the Intellectual Property Gazette. Any organization or individual has the right to submit a document to the Intellectual Property Office to oppose the trademark registration.

5/ Substantive Examination of the Three-Dimensional Trademark:

The Intellectual Property Office will assess the distinctiveness of the three-dimensional trademark and decide on the protection grant.

6/ Issuance of the Trademark Registration Certificate:

If the application passes all examination stages without any legal issues, the Intellectual Property Office will issue the Trademark Registration Certificate.

The registration process for a three-dimensional trademark may take about 18-24 months or longer, depending on factors such as the examination of the application and the opposition process.

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