Trademark Registration of Textile Goods in Vietnam

The process and documentation for trademark registration of textile goods in Vietnam as per the latest regulations in 2024.

Trademark Registration of Textile Goods in Vietnam

Documents Required for Trademark Registration of Textile Goods in Vietnam

The application for trademark registration of textile goods in Vietnam includes the following documents:

  • Trademark Registration Form: The official application form must be completed with information about the trademark you wish to register. This form can be downloaded [link or instruction to download].
  • Trademark Sample: You must provide an accurate sample of the trademark you wish to register in the form of an image. If the trademark includes color elements, the sample must clearly show these colors.
  • List of Products or Services: You need to specify the products or services you intend to use the trademark for. These products and services are classified according to the International Classification System.
  • Owner’s Information: Includes the name and address of the owner (individual or organization) and, if applicable, information about the legal representative or authorized industrial property representative.
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable): If you are using the services of a lawyer or intellectual property representative to file the application, you need to provide a valid power of attorney.
  • Registration Fees: Filing a trademark application in Vietnam requires the payment of necessary fees including application review fees, publication fees, and certificate issuance fees if the application is accepted.
  • Documents for Priority Right (if applicable) All documents not in Vietnamese must be translated into Vietnamese and certified as per regulations.

Timeline for Trademark Registration of Textile Goods in Vietnam

The process for registering a trademark for textile goods is complex and can take from 12 to 18 months or longer. Consider hiring an intellectual property lawyer for advice and support during the registration process.

Procedure for Trademark Registration of Textile Goods in Vietnam

To register a trademark for textile goods in Vietnam, follow these steps:

  • Identify the Trademark: The trademark can include words, images, characters, colors, logos, sounds, or a combination of these elements. It must be capable of distinguishing your products or services from those of other businesses.
  • Trademark Search: Before filing, conduct a search to ensure your trademark has not already been registered or is not too similar to an existing one, reducing the risk of application rejection due to duplication or similarity.
  • Prepare and File the Trademark Application: The application includes necessary information and documents such as owner information, trademark description, and the list of products/services using the trademark. In Vietnam, you need to submit the application to the Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Examination of the Application: After submission, the Intellectual Property Office will review your application, including checking the validity of the application. If your trademark meets all requirements, the Office will publish your application in the Intellectual Property Gazette.
  • Opposition to the Trademark Application: During the publication phase, any individual or organization can file an opposition to your application if they feel their rights are affected. If there are no objections or if objections are not accepted, your trademark is likely to be granted a Registration Certificate.
  • Content Examination of the Trademark Application: The Intellectual Property Office will assess the distinctiveness of the trademark you intend to register. If the trademark meets all the requirements for protection, your trademark will be issued a registration certificate.
  • Issuance of the Registration Certificate: Keep track of notifications from the Intellectual Property Office to pay the protection certificate issuance fee on time.
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